Builder Kit basic plus


Builder Kit basic plus



FS2026-L/XL + FS800-SP2 + FS934 + FS516-LN-1.5M + FS820 + FS800-1M + FS8201

1 back ring and two front loops for connection to fall arrest systems
2 side D-rings for positioning work
Chest and leg size adjustment provide a perfect fit for the user
Fast and easy to attach safety harness with standard high strength steel buckles
Two-color headgear for easier wear orientation
Comfortable and ergonomic lumbar support


Easy to use and adjustable to leg length
Easy length adjustment
Prevents suspension trauma after a fall
Easy to install on all harnesses


High impact resistance polymer housing to prevent damage, almost indestructible
Included swivel hook to prevent cable twist during use
Resistant to dirt, high and low temperatures.
Tested for one person, 136KG
For vertical use only



25mm Polyester tape, bursting load> 25000N
25mm strap with built-in shock absorber, reducing drop forces to a maximum of 6kN
Product Information Power Buffer


25 kN resistance
19mm aperture
Screw closure


Minimum breaking load: 20kN
25mm circular strap

35L capacity
Sturdy polyester
Wide aperture reinforced
2 side pockets
1 inner pocket for instructions
Custom printing available
Reinforced base

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