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  • Competent Person
    Accordingly to the EN 365:2004 the PPE periodical examination should be carried out by a competent person, which should be trained by a manufacturer.

    In order to master the PPE periodical examination, FALL SAFE® programed a training action that has as purpose to give the knowledge of the aspects that should be verified when inspecting a PPE.

    The general objective of this course is to give to its participants the knowledge of the standard procedure of PPE inspections.

  • First Aid
    This course is suitable for people who work in high hazard environments such as construction, scaffolding and many others.

    It is also ideal for organizations whose needs assessment identifies a requirement for additional first aid training (e.g. due to having employees with a disability or medical condition).

    It gives learners the skills and confidence to respond to a range of accidents and first aid emergencies they could encounter in the workplace and contributes to minimize the consequences to the health of the workers which are victims of accidents or sudden diseases.

  • Working at height (e-Learning)
    The decision to use of PPE as a risk control measure should be duly justified by a professional risk assessment since this, as a support and decision tool that is the basis of a system of Professional Risk Management, is upstream of the definition of preventive measures.

    The objective for this training action is to become a tool in the aid for the selection, purchase decision and information about the usage of PPE and CPE (collective protection equipment) designated to work at height, when it is proved that they are effectively needed, as also to give its participants the knowledge of the legal requirements.

  • Access to structures
    Fall from height is one of the most frequent cause of accidents at work, originating a significant number of deaths and injuries.

    Carrying out work at heights involve specific risks to the health and safety of workers and is necessary to take measures to guarantee that to those the necessary training is given about the risks that this kind of activity involves attending the used equipment and techniques.

    FALL SAFE® developed this course: Access to structures with the purpose of giving its attendants the knowledge to enjoy a safe work when there is a need and responsibility for the execution of work at height in areas such as construction, maintenance and remodeling.

  • Access to confined spaces
    The entrance into a confined space can involve a several amount of risks demanding, this way, that the work to be carried out should be previously planned.

    In this way FALL SAFE® projected the training course: Access to Confined spaces with the purpose of giving to its attendants the knowledge to enjoy a safe work when there is the need and responsibility for the execution of work to be carried out in a confined space.

    At the end of this training course the attendants should be capable of identifying a confined space and acknowledge, evaluate and control the existing risks, the correct functioning of the needed equipment and the procedure and usage of the entry permit.

  • Rope Access
    This training action, promoted by FALL SAFE®, is programmed to enable companies to enjoy all the advantages offered by rope access:
    • Rapid assembly and disassembly of the access system at the beginning and end of each working period;
    • Practical solution, safe and more economical to carry out work at height compared to traditional access methods;
    • Only method of access to certain work areas.
    This training is destined to all those that have the responsability to carry out work at height in situations that invilve the usage of rope access techniques and is has as general objectives:
    • To enforce the procedures applied for the safety of work at height in the access by ropes;
    • Correctly use personal and collective protective equipment for its operation and maintenance;
    • Perform maneuvers using ropes.
  • Access to communication towers (I and II)
    In every work where the risk of a fall from height exists, its fundamental that the worker is aware of the risks to which he is exposed.

    The contents of the course: Communication towers are directed to the access to communication towers and poles and every other structure that fist in this category.

    The general objective of this training action is to give to all of those that work in this type of structure the knowledge of the criteria and safety standards that should be taken into account based on the techniques demonstrated by the trainer.

  • Customized training
    FALL SAFE®  is an accredited entity that has all the resources, technic and organizational ability to develop all the processes related to training, assessment and  official recognition accordingly with the quality referential for the training purpose. We are also accredited for the training in the medical emergency area which allows, in a rescue situation, act in a faster and efficient way to aid a victim of a fall thus avoidind the suspension trauma.

    The maturity of our trainers gives FALL SAFE® courses a strong practical component achieved through simulated practices and methodologies of approach oriented to practical problems encountered in the day-to-day.

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