We are specialized in fall protection systems


FALL SAFE® aims to be recognized in the world market by users of safety and personal protection equipment, for the quality, safety, comfort of its products and offer technological solutions that generate value for the user, namely the products with the trademark FALL SAFE® and FALL SAFE INSPECTOR®.


“Your Work. Our Solution”

Vision, passion and pride in success are our driving forces.  We want to be recognized by our competence and experience.
We are oriented to the development and production of innovative products and of excellence.

We are guided by the principles of quality, efficiency and social awareness.

As an independent family business, we respond quickly and flexibly to change.

The quality of FALL SAFE® products reflects many years of experience, and stringent and demanding guidelines

FALL SAFE® products are manufactured based on many  years of expertise, stringent guidelines and high quality demands.
We take great care when selecting high quality raw-material. FALL SAFE® quality control (QC) laboratory test a wide range of materials, products and components to support FALL SAFE® product and material quality requirements, quality assurance programs, and troubleshooting needs. The quality testing laboratories test to international and other recognized fall protection standards.
FALL SAFE® is an internationally certified company on the following standards: ISO9001:2015 and Regulation (UE) 2016/425. FALL SAFE® is aware of its products importance and of what they stand for on the everyday of workers, using well defined and structured both productive and administrative processes on our quality manual.
Due to its geographical location, FALL SAFE® relies on support given by third party entities, with technological purposes, cooperating in the development of new products, and improving production processes. As of that FALL SAFE® has been continuously improving all its machinery and applied technologies, investing in the ones that allow greater product quality control

Testes de qualidade dinâmicos na Torre de Ensaios

FALL SAFE® synonyms for highest-quality. Our customers expect it, and we go out of our way to deliver it. This includes not only how we develop our products, but also how we manufacture and release them to our customers. Our exhaustive battery of tests and rigorous inspection processes ensure our products exceed EN – European standards and ANSI/OSHA – American Standards

Design e desenvolvimento de produtos

A FALL SAFE® é muito mais do que apenas fabricante de equipamentos de proteção antiqueda. Somos verdadeiros inovadores e tem sido assim desde o início. Não basta ter equipamentos existentes e torná-los nossos.

Desenvolvemos novos equipamentos que abordam os desafios do trabalho quotidiano. Temos em atenção as necessidades dos trabalhadores e transformamos os seus desejos em produtos de proteção antiqueda relevantes e enviamos para o mercado de forma rápida e eficiente.

Mas não basta fazer isso num escritório/laboratório. Temos uma abordagem prática para desenvolver e melhorar os nossos produtos, o tempo que passamos em locais de trabalho para ouvir os profissionais que utilizam nossos equipamentos a cada dia. Contamos com o feedback dos usuários que utilizam os nossos produtos e experiências na área de desenvolvimento de produtos, que acabará sempre por melhorar atingindo um nível de conforto e segurança imbatível.
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