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  • Orsakar DOT märkning av serie nummer en minskning av styrka på metall delar?
    Alla metall delar märkta med den nya DOT märkningen har testats och visar inga signaler av minskad styrka, eller influens på utrustningens prestanda.
  • How to ajust the shoulder pad on X-treme harnesses?
    • Dorsal D-ring located too low or too high
    • Use a normal measure ruler
    • Locate the front shoulder opening
    • Insert the ruler in between the webbing and padding at the front
    • The velcro closing will open
    • Feed the webbing though the padding as desired
    • When correct position take out the ruler
    • Repeat for opposite side
    • Note! To adjust equal length both sides
    • Dorsal D-ring is positioned correctly when between the shoulder blade
  • When shoud i use a Fall Protection equipment?
    When working at height greater than 1,80 meters.
  • What is FALL SAFE® guarantee policy?
    FALL SAFE® products are guaranteed for two years against any defects in materials or manufacture. To analyze defects in materials and manufacture, contact our After-Sales Service to get the address to which you should return the defective product in your country.

    Exclusions from the guarantee:
    • Normal wear
    • Oxidation
    • Leaking batteries in headlamps
    • Modifications or alterations
    • Poor storage
    • Poor maintenance
    • Damage due to accident or negligence
    • Damage due to use of product for which it is not designed

    The FALL SAFE® guarantee also does not apply if:
    • The serial number is no longer legible
    • Any label has been removed from a harness
    • A helmet or harness has been written on with a marker or covered by stickers
    • The product has been modified or repaired by a third person
    • Annual inspection are not been realized.
  • Kan jag skriva på min sele / lina med en märkningspenna ?

    Nej. Medans en enkel bläck penna kommer sannolikt inte att skada bandet direkt, men det finns en säkerhetsrisk att bläcket innehåller ett ämne som kan försämra bandet och gör att den förlorar sin styrka. Det finns även andra faktorer att tänka på vid märkning av bandet. Udd på penna, penslar, eller andra skriv enheter kan skada bandet om mycket tryck används, eller kan slipa in smuts eller frätande ämnen i bandet. Bläck eller färg kan även täcka upp skador på bandet, vilket gör det svårt att upptäcka vid inspektion. FALL SAFE® föreskriver anpassningsbara lappar på selar som kan skrivas på, men inga band bör någonsin ändras på något sätt.

  • How do i clean my fall protection equipment buckles?
    Standart Buckle
    Clean soiled products in lukewarm water (with neutral soap if necessary). Rinse well. Dry at room temperature, never in a tumble dryer or near heaters! Commercially available disinfectants that do not contain halogen can be used if necessary.

    IZI Quick Buckle
    Clean soiled products in lukewarm water (with neutral soap if necessary). Rinse well. Dry at room temperature, never in a tumble dryer or near heaters! Commercially available disinfectants that do not contain halogen can be used if necessary.
  • What is the lifetime of my FALL SAFE® equipment?
  • What is PPE?
    PPE is Personal Protective Equipment, equipment worn or carried by the user during their work. As the name indicates is not transferable.
    PPE helps protect a person from deadly or serious health hazards.
    It includes all equipment designed for protection from long falls like: harnesses, rope clamps, descenders, lanyards, webbing, slings, ropes, energy absorbers, karabiners, pulleys, swivels. It excludes anchor points that are an integral part of a structure.
  • What is the inspection process on PPE?
    In addition to the inspection before each use, an in-depth inspection of your PPE must be carried out by a competent person.
    The frequency of the in-depth inspection must be governed by applicable legislation, and the type and intensity of use. 

    FALL SAFE® recommends an inspection at least once every 12months.
    To help maintain product traceability, do not remove any markings or labels.
  • When should i dispose away my equipment?
    A product must be dispose when:
    • It is over 10 years old and made of plastic or textiles;
    • It has been subjected to a major fall or load;
    • It fails to pass inspection;
    • Its reliability is in question;
    • Its entire history is not known (e.g. found or second-hand product);
    • When it becomes obsolete due to changes in legislation, standards, techniques or incompatibility with other equipment, and others.
  • What can i find in label of my FALL SAFE® PPE?
    All our PPE products are identified with a label.
    In this label you can find:
    • Production date;
    • Standards;
    • Reference;
    • Brand;
    • Serial number.
    Each product has a different serial number through this number can identify each of them.
  • How should i store my equipment?
    Clean and dry your equipment, if necessary.  Store your equipment in a temperate, dry place protected from UV rays and chemicals.
  • How do i care appropriately for my FALL SAFE® equipment?
    Refer to the care instructions in the technical notice that comes with each product. For more specific questions, do not hesitate to contact FALL SAFE®  Custommer Support.
  • Can I inspect my FALL SAFE® equipment?
    The equipment must be inspect by a Competent Person. To be a Competent Person is required realize the course “Certified FALL SAFE®
    Competent Person”.  For more specific questions, do not hesitate to contact  FALL SAFE® Training http://www.fallsafe-online.com/se/inspection
  • How should i clean my FALL SAFE® equipment?
    Clean synthetic rope and body harnesses in soapy water to remove dirt; rinse them with clean water.
    Air-dry at room temperature.
    Don’t use cleaning solvents; solvents can damage synthetic material.
  • Suffered a fall with my harness, what should i do?
    The equipment that suffers a fall must be removed from service.
  • What harnesses sizes are available to me?

  • What colors and fabrics can i choose?
  • What coverall sizes are available to me?
  • Damaged good, what to do?
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