The FALL SAFE® FS240-1 - FLASH VERTIX HARNESS, was developed for ladder climbers specially when used in the wind turbines. With 2 front ladder loops, its design allows a comfortable work and in case of a fall, the zig zag stitches will open and the lower loops will rise until the chest, avoiding back injuries.

It’s fully adjustable with increased comfort for the most intense work at heights in any hanging direction. Extremely easy to wear, this harness opens totally, allowing it to be dressed as a jacket.

This new version has incorporated the Croc 3.0 pad and the Croc Sliders. The Croc 3.0 pad, as earlier versions permits the air circulation through all the harness layers but this new version has additional specific pressure points with soft material for excellent comfort. The Croc Sliders allows direct contact with walls with free movements for the user without contact with the components on the surrounding surfaces. The Croc Sliders  prolongs the life of the equipment as it reduces the friction of the tapes and other components. These innovations allows for a lighter and more ergonomic product, that is extremely comfortable for use for several hours.

FS240-1 it´s produced with high quality material such as reflective and extra breathable fabric and water repellent webbing.
Material: Aluminium and steel | PES Water repellent
Adjustment points: 7
Tool holder points: 5
Maximum load: 140 Kg
twICEme® System Tag

Size: S/M | L/XL | XXL
Weight: 3.30Kg | 3.64Kg | 3.89Kg
CE EN361 EN358 EN813

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