The FS602 EDGE GRAB-ON ANCHOR LINE is an anchor line equipped with 2 connectors (EN362), one of them to connect to the anchor point on structure and the other to connect to chest or dorsal attachment on full-body harnesses, fall protection vests gold fall protection coveralls.

It as an aluminum rope grab with automatic locking and a PES energy absorber as an integral part. The rope has a diameter 12 mm and is made of polyamide (core) and polyester (cover).
It is available up to 140 meters and can be use only vertically with a maximum load of 120 kg. This equipment, it's adequate for vertical and horizontal use under 0.5 mm sharp edges.

Matériau : Aluminium | Polyester | Polyamide
Charge maximale : 120kg
Jusqu'à 140 mètres.

Taille : 5m | 10m | 20m
Poids : 0.90kg | 1.20kg | 2.50kg 
EN353:2002 PPE-R/11.075 PPE-R/11.062

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